The 10 week Pride in Parenting Program is designed to assist clients in improving their parenting skills. We use a combination of advisory lessons and practical exercises during each session, in order to improve the parent-child relationship and create a positive and safe home environment for families. Our program offers individuals, from Positive-Reinforcement-Parentingall backgrounds, the tools to successfully navigate parenting in daily life.

Parenting and caregiver relationships play a significant role in the psychological, physical, and social health of children. Even mentally healthy individuals generally receive little preparation or support beyond the experience of having been parented themselves. Whether one enters the program voluntarily or involuntarily, there are requirements regarding attendance, completion of homework assignments and participation during sessions in order to graduate from the program.  Upon completion of the program, each participant will receive a certificate of completion, as well as any recommendations for continued care. Regardless of how one enters the program, participation remains confidential.

Program Topics – Our 10 week program includes classes on how to build and maintain a positive parent/child relationship.
  • Making Good Decisions about Parenting
  • Major Parenting Styles
  • Building a Positive Relationship with your Child
  • Understanding the Reasons for your Child’s Misbehavior
  • Positive Reinforcement & Effective Encouragement
  • Ignoring, Modeling and Labeling
  • How to Manage a Temper Tantrum
  • Natural & Logical Consequences
  • Effective Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Using Time Out Effectively
  • Child Development
  • Age-Appropriate Discipline Methods
  • Meeting your Child’s Physical, Medical, and Nutritional Needs