Summit Medication Assisted Recovery Treatment (SMART) Program

Medication Assisted Therapy with VIVITROL is a once a month, prescription injection of naltrexone which can help prevent a relapse to heroin or opioid dependence. It works by blocking certain receptors in the brain so uvivitrol-summitsers are unable to feel the high from opiates. VIVITROL can be used to treat dependence to heroin and many prescription drugs. At Summit Psychological Associates, patient readiness is determined before any medication can be prescribed or administered.

THE SMART Program provides comprehensive mental health and substance abuse services for clients with alcohol or opiate addictions.

Comprehensive Services Include:
  • Outpatient mental health counseling
  • Outpatient psychiatry services and medication administration
  • Case management services
  • Intensive outpatient drug and alcohol services provided by Oriana House, Rigel Recovery Services

Receiving VIVITROL injections, coupled with a substance abuse program, offers additional benefits over and above the standard treatment program. Benefits of a medication assisted treatment program, using VIVITROL, include:

  • Identifying reasons for drug addiction and use
  • Removing barriers in order to begin cessation
  • Reducing the likelihood of relapse
  • VIVITROL is non-addictive, unlike Suboxone and Methadone
  • Does not cause withdrawal once a patient stops taking VIVITROL
  • May lessen or eliminate cravings
Physician Diagnostic Assessment:  Summit Psychological Associate’s physicians are experienced in assessing and treating a broad range of psychiatric disorders. Our physicians will conduct the initial 40-60 minute diagnostic assessment. This is completed prior to receiving the first VIVITROL injection. Follow up injections are then scheduled each month.  
Mental Health Diagnostic Assessment:  Clients are scheduled to meet with a counselor and complete a mental health diagnostic assessment, in order to begin addressing mental health concerns. Mental health counseling is an integral part of the SMART Program. Counseling helps clients identify reasons for prior drug use, assists clients with removing barriers to begin cessation, and increases adaptive coping skills.  
Substance Abuse Treatment: While in the SMART Program, clients are required to attend, and successfully complete, chemical dependency treatment with Rigel Recovery Services; housed within Summit Psychological Associates. As with all other aspects of the program, abuse treatments are tailored to fit each
client’s needs. Clients may attend group therapy sessions or receive outpatient, one-on-one counseling.
Case Management: We offer the support of a Case Manager who assists clients in reaching their primary goal of sobriety and abstinence from alcohol and/or opiates. The services include:

  • Assessment of client’s needs
  • Coordination in the delivery of services
  • Symptom monitoring
  • Linkage to natural support systems in the community
  • Advocacy and outreach
  • Facilitation and development of activities related to daily living

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