New Foundation group programming is designed to assist clients in eliminating drug and alcohol use. The program is offered in a 26-week format, but a 6-week format is available for those with less intensive needs. Both formats help clients identify the negative effects of substance abuse. Alternative coping strategies and relapse prevention plans are also developed.

Participants in the New Foundation Program are often ordered to participate by the court system. Therefore, there are rules for participation, including regular attendance and attendance at twelve-step meetings. Upon completion of the program, each participant receives a certificate of completion, as well as recommendations for continued care.

Our services are confidential. No record of treatment or diagnosis will be released to any source, without prior written authorization.

New Foundation group class topics are as follows:
  • Motivational Approach
  • Stages of Change
  • A Day of Substance Use
  • Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test
  • Physiological Effects of Alcohol
  • Drug Screening Inventory
  • Expectations about Substance Abuse
  • Expressions of Concern by Significant Others
  • Values
  • Pros and Cons of Use
  • Relationship Issues
  • Roles
  • Confident Situations
  • Overcoming Temptations
  • Problem Solving/Considering Consequences
  • Goal Setting/Change Plan
  • Identifying Triggers
  • Managing Stress/Relaxation Training
  • Rewarding Personal Successes
  • Effective Communication
  • Learning to Refuse Offers to Use
  • Managing Criticism/Thoughts/Cravings & Urges
  • New Ways to Enjoy Life/Alternatives to Using
  • Developing an Action Plan/Relapse Prevention
  • Recommitting After a Slip
  • Social Support
  • Identifying Needs and Resources