New Directions is a 12 week, trauma based program geared toward women leaving prostitution or those exposed to the trauma of sex trafficking. This program focuses on changing one’s behavior and thinking in the following ways:

  • Helps clients understand their emotions
  • Promotes personal development
  • Increases coping skills
  • Increases self awareness and self discovery
  • Enhances cognitive functioning
  • Improves overall mental well-being


Clients are typically referred by the court system, but anyone may participate in this program.

In Phase One of the program, each woman explores her pathway into prostitution. Participants are encouraged to focus on important factors known to relate to entry
into prostitution, including:

  • Childhood Sexual Abuse
  • Early Sexual Experiences
  • Major Relationships
    Drug/Alcohol Usage
  • Dysfunctional Family Life
  • Economic Factors
  • Inadequate Life Skills

In Phase Two of the program, the focus is on the lifestyle of a prostitute. Emphasis is placed on the risks involved in prostitution, as well as:

  • Thinking Errors
  • Dependence on Prostitution’s Income
  • Exploitative Relationships
  • HIV
  • Legal Involvement
  • Continued Drug/Alcohol Usage

In Phase Three of the program, the focus is on realistic pathways out of prostitution. Participants are encouraged to develop a plan to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of beginning a new life. These obstacles include:

  • Economic Problems
  • Addictions
  • Skill Deficits
  • Psychological Factors