Conflict Solutions and Anger Management Programs

The Conflict Solutions Program is designed to reduce domestic violence as well as general anger and rage events. The program is available in 10 or 26 week courses. These courses help identify the factors leading to outbursts of anger and violence, as well as provide strategies for preventing future occurredomestic-violence-supportnces. The curriculum is presented in a group format and participants are taught to relate what they learn, to their daily lives. Summit Psychological Associates offers separate courses for men and women.

While participation in the Conflict Solutions Program can be voluntary, individuals partaking in the course are often ordered by the court system. Whether voluntary or involuntary, there are rules for participation. Upon completion of the program, each participant receives a certificate of completion, as well as recommendations for continued care.

While the class formats are similar, topics may differ based on gender.  Our services are confidential and no record of treatment or diagnosis will be released to any source, without prior written authorization.

Some common program topics include:
  • Ohio Laws
    -Domestic Violence
    -Menacing by Stalking
  • The Cycle of Violence
  • Abusive Behaviors vs Healthy Alternatives
  • Thinking Errors
  • Children and Violence
  • Relapse Prevention

As mentioned above, domestic violence often includes a pattern of abuse which occurs in a cycle, and can consist of harm and abuse that escalates in seriousness with each incident. The cycle of domestic violence often includes several predictable phases:

  • Violence or Abusive Incident
  • Making Up
  • Honeymoon or Calm Phase
  • Tension Building

People abuse one another in many ways that may not be a violation of the state law and may not be physical, but is still abuse. Abuse may also be emotional, verbal, financial, or sexual. Our conflict solutions classes can help both men and women break the cycle of abuse.