The Staff

The internship’s supervisory staff is composed of credentialed faculty who are  dedicated to the training of psychology interns.  Each intern is exposed to supervisors who are available on a daily basis to discuss immediate concerns in addition to scheduled weekly meetings to provide more in-depth supervisory consultation.  Interns receive four hours of weekly supervision, at least two of which are on an individual basis.  Formal evaluations of each intern’s performance are conducted quarterly.


The Internship Sites

All of the placement sites adhere to the internship training model while providing client care for a wide variety of psychopathology, ranging from mild to severe, and short-term to longer term.  Patients served are diverse in their age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion and cultural background.  The internship is committed to training interns to be sensitive to multicultural issues in assessment and treatment.  Interns are exposed to, and encouraged to work with, a wide array of psychological problems using a variety of therapeutic interventions.