The Ohio Psychology Internship Program

The Program Philosophy…

The philosophy of the program is to provide each intern with sequential and graded training through a wide range of psychological experiences, thereby identifying and highlighting the areas of competence necessary to become a well-rounded clinician.  Interns practice in the areas of assessment and evaluation, as well as individual, group, family and marital treatment.  All interns are supervised by licensed psychologists with an emphasis on shadowing and modeling.  Along with the above experiences, interns attend staff meetings, case conferences, seminars and workshops.

Training Model…

  • The Ohio Psychology Internship Program follows a Community Based Practitioner Model. The internship is a consortium of agencies that represent different facets of the community mental health system. Interns are trained to work as psychologists within a continuum of community mental health services.  Interns gain exposure to clients as they experience different layers of the mental health system. For example, interns may work with a client who has recently discharged from an inpatient hospital into outpatient services at a community mental health center.  Similarly, interns can work with clients in a community based correctional facility and then continue services in an outpatient community agency.
  • The consortium agencies provide training in a continuum of community based care:
  1. Least restrictive to most restrictive level of care
  2. Voluntary treatment to court ordered to incarcerated
  3. Adjustment disorders to severe mental illness
  4. Preschool age through gerontology clients
  5. Crisis to outpatient to incarcerated to return to community
  • Interns choose sites based on primary training interest and are exposed to all levels of community based treatment through didactic seminars and joint case presentations.
  • Interns are provided training experiences that enable them to enter employment in a variety of community settings – including a wide range of community forensic services, inpatient treatment, and community mental health.