Summit Psychological Associates:

Summit Psychological Associates is a large private agency multiple locations in northern Ohio. Clients present with a wide range of psychological diagnoses and the agency provides a wide range of services, including individual adult and child counseling, couples counseling, court ordered group treatment for domestic violence perpetrators, sex offenders and substance abuse, and individual counseling for clients with developmental disabilities.

Interns at Summit Psychological Associates will have the opportunity to work with forensic and non-forensic clients who present with a full range of mental health and substance abuse disorders.  Interns will also participate in psychological evaluations that focus on forensic and various diagnostic referral questions.

Forensic Services at Summit Psychological Associates and Oriana House

Interns train for 39 hours weekly At Summit Psychological Associates, Inc. in Akron, Ohio where they also have the opportunity to provide group and individual services at the Summit County Jail and at the Oriana House Community Corrections Program.

Interns have the opportunity to experience all facets of outpatient forensic services including individual counseling for adults and adolescents, group counseling, jail/court services and psychological assessment.  Individual clients include adult and juvenile sex offenders, clients referred from the mental health and substance abuse courts, and parents who are involved with Child Protective Services.  Group counseling at Summit Psychological consists of the following groups:  Three levels of sex offender groups,  Sex offender groups for clients with developmental disabilities, 26 week Conflict Solutions Groups for Domestic Violence or Assault perpetrators, 52 week Batterers Intervention Program for Domestic Violence perpetrators, 26 week New Foundation Group for clients convicted of a substance abuse charge, Parenting Groups for clients referred from Child Protective Services, and New Directions group for clients convicted of prostitution.

Interns also participate in psychological evaluations that are co-led by supervising psychologists.  These evaluations include:  Pre-sentence Investigations, Sex offender risk assessments, competency evaluations for adults and juveniles, Federal assessments for clients leaving prison, and NGRI evaluations.  Forensic interns also participate in pre-employment and fitness for duty evaluations for fire and police personnel, as well as complete other evaluations for eligibility for developmental disability services, guardianship evaluations and diagnostic evaluations.

Interns also provide services at off-site forensic facilities where they provide group and individual counseling services to clients at the male and female Oriana House Correctional Facilities and at the Summit County Jail.  Interns also participate in the Family Intervention Court where they assist in administering the time out diversion program.

Coleman Professional Services:

Coleman Professional Services is an outpatient community mental health center that serves children, adolescents, adults and families in the Portage County Area.  Clients present with a wide range of psychological diagnoses and the agency provides a wide range of services to meet client needs (e.g. crisis services, outpatient therapy, case management, psychiatric services).

Interns placed at Coleman Professional Services work in many facets of agency, including conducting intake assessments, providing individual, couples and family outpatient treatment, conducting therapy groups, completing psychological testing and participating in multidisciplinary meetings.  Interns will have the opportunity to provide counseling services to adults, adolescents and children during the training year.  Interns also have the opportunity to gain experience in forensic services and in crisis interventions