What is the Change Direction Initiative?

America is at a crossroads when it comes to how our society addresses mental health. We know that one in five of our citizens has a diagnosable mental health condition, and that more Americans are expected to die this year by suicide than in car accidents. While many of us are comfortable acknowledging publicly our physical suffering, for which we almost always seek help, many more of us privately experience mental suffering, for which we almost never reach out. Continue reading


Campaign to Change Direction

Bringing Mental Health to Main Street is an awareness event to educate the community and encourage and support those who are dealing with mental health issues. The Lock 3 event includes music, food trucks, informational booths and powerful speakers who will share their personal experiences. We need to change the way society addresses mental health issues – we need to change direction!

For more information on the event, please visit the Facebook page for the Summit County chapter of Change Direction: Summit County Campaign to Change Direction


Mindfulness and Releasing Stress

By Deborah Walsh, Ph.D. Clinical Director, Summit Psychological Associates

Every year I order magazines from the school to support my child’s various extracurricular activities and every year I wonder if I will have time to read the magazines that arrive at my home on a monthly basis. This month, I was leafing through several of the magazines I received and I came across an article in Good Housekeeping by Jennifer King Lindley about stress and mindfulness. Since much of my psychology work involves assisting clients and professionals in dealing with stress, I decided to take a moment to read the article and pull it out for future reference. Continue reading


Steps of Change – Summit County

This past Saturday, May 21, Summit Psychological Associates participated in the Steps of Change event. The event, held at Bolich Middle School in Cuyahoga Falls, was sponsored by Ohio C.A.N. (Change Addiction Now). The event goal was to bring awareness of addiction and heroin related deaths in Summit County, and to educate the community about services and treatments available. Heroin-Addiction-OverdoseThe track at Bolich was lined with shoes representative of loved one’s lost to addiction. Continue reading


Integrated Mental Health Program for Opiate Addiction


Summit Psychological Associates will continue its commitment to the Vivitrol treatment program (VTP). The VTP is a medication assisted treatment (MAT) collaboration between Oriana House-RIGEL Recovery Services (RRS) and Summit Psychological Associates, Inc. (SPA) that provides opiate addicted clients with wrap-around services tailored to their individual mental health and substance abuse needs. The collaborative team is housed at SPA’s downtown Akron, Ohio location. Continue reading