Summit Psychological Associates will continue its commitment to the Vivitrol treatment program (VTP). The VTP is a medication assisted treatment (MAT) collaboration between Oriana House-RIGEL Recovery Services (RRS) and Summit Psychological Associates, Inc. (SPA) that provides opiate addicted clients with wrap-around services tailored to their individual mental health and substance abuse needs. The collaborative team is housed at SPA’s downtown Akron, Ohio location.

RIGEL Recovery Services include: assessment of client’s chemical dependency treatment needs and entry into treatment readiness, intensive outpatient and aftercare substance abuse groups, as well as individual sessions. Treatment through RRS is a requirement for receiving Vivitrol injections through SPA. In addition to Vivitrol injections, Summit Psychological Associates provides: psychiatry, mental health counseling and case management services. Clients receive treatment services based on clinical recommendations tailored to their individual needs. This integrated program is one of the few programs in the state that offers MAT using the relatively new Vivitrol injections.

“The Vivitrol Treatment Program has shown increased success in providing clients with a support system to detox and abstain from opiate use while addressing the co-occurring mental health symptoms that are common with substance abuse,” said Ashley Stead, LSW, Director, Corrections and Case Management at SPA. “Clients in the program, on average, experience drastic decreases in opiate cravings and depressive symptoms paired with positive employment, housing and legal involvement outcomes. Many of the programs clients have experienced relapse multiple times and have tried several other treatment avenues before finding success with our program. Clients continue to report positive life changes attributed to the Vivitrol Treatment Program. We look forward to expanding this program throughout Northern Ohio communities.” Beginning in September 2014, the Vivitrol Treatment program was among the first of its kind in Northeast Ohio. Since its inception, the program has gone on to serve over 100 clients through correction facilities, court agencies, county agencies and self-referral.

For more information on the Vivitrol Treatment Program, please contact Ashley Stead at 330-535-8181 ext 434.